Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its Britney Bitch

World Series Boys and Girls

I was raised a Philadelphia Phillies Fan. When I met my husband that was put to the test. He lives and breathes them. My daughter knows the starting lineup and she is under the age of 5. So tonight...we watch.

Go Phillies!!!

Blackdagger Brotherhood: Insider's Guide

I love the brothers. They are all in my big keeper box. Butch, though, he is the one I would get dipped in bronze...(or maybe honey). DEE-LISH-OUS!
This book starts out with a story about Z and Bella and its worth the price of admission. Its followed by qustions answered by the brothers themselves, backgrounds on the stories, Q&A between the bros and J.R. , and a bunch of other fun info to read. If you are a fan than this is really fun to read. Its also a really good reference guide too because it has all the info you could ever need about the boys and their respective books.